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When you live somewhere that people love to visit, and you like to entertain, what better solution than a pool house with an outdoor kitchen that doubles as the guest quarters? The team at Acorn Garden Houses designed, built and styled this Australian pool house so a social couple and their children could entertain their friends without infringing on the peace or privacy of anyone in the main house.
Pool House at a Glance
Who it belongs to: A couple and their 3 children (ages 13, 18 and 20)
Location: Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Budget: $150,000
Size: Includes a great room, bathroom and outdoor kitchen

The goal of the family’s being able to gather with friends outside by the pool at any time of year drove the pool house’s design.

Acorn Garden Houses
Australia’s Mornington Peninsula is the perfect weekend getaway for Melbournians in need of some seaside relaxation; Mount Martha is about 35 minutes southeast of central Melbourne. With its sofa and sofa bed, bathroom and outdoor kitchen, the pool house is a comfortable and welcoming place for guests to call home during their stay.
This outdoor kitchen is a winner largely because of the knockout tiles. The designers chose handmade fish-scale tiles for the backsplash for a wow factor, and a vintage copper range hood that they had modified as an extraction fan, says Acorn Garden Houses director Steve Magliano. The barbecue is built into an Italian Pietra Serena limestone countertop, and Magliano designed and built the cabinetry using solid ash.

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