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Pool Slides: What’s Possible, Who Can Build It and What It Will Cost

I was recently meeting with clients to discuss a rear yard landscape plan, and their 7-year-old son was sitting in. To keep him busy, they cued up Houzz on their iPad and let the boy’s imagination run wild through a photo search. What was he looking at? Pool slides, of course.
The kid in me got my mind racing, too. Who doesn’t love a good water slide? But while a slide is every child’s fantasy, it’s the adults who will be the ones with a lot to consider before incorporating a slide into their pool project.
Design: If all these examples show us nothing else, it’s that the possibilities are limited only by our imaginations. Themed grottoes, pirate’s lairs and aquatic playgrounds of all kinds are in play for your consideration.
The X, Y and Z: From an engineering perspective, there are three factors to consider in a pool slide. We can call them simply X, Y and Z.
X = Elevation (starting point)
Y = End Point (splashdown)
Z = Shape (where the fun is) How do we arrive at our elevation (X) and endpoint (Y)? If you are building into a sloping hillside, it can be rather easy to determine both. In other cases, as in the photo here, the “hill” is a man-made structure, often covered in rock-like precast concrete or real stone veneer.

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