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Almost Invisible Outdoor Furniture Lets Views Star


Outdoor furniture is an integral part of a garden, providing a comfortable place for relaxing and communing with nature, enjoying the company of others or taking in the view. Beyond the practical, however, furniture can bring life and imagination to the landscape.
A solitary bench under a great oak conjures up the vision of a boy retreating from the summer heat to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A circular configuration of chairs might evoke the warm feeling of an evening gathering with friends. The stately rocking chair sitting on the front porch has my grandfather smoking a cigar and watching us youngsters play ball in the street with the gang of neighborhood kids.
Outdoor furniture can and should be used to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor spaces and add a little personality to your poolside patio, garden nook or front porch. But there are times when furniture can detract from the overall experience of the landscape. Such circumstances call for barely there, nearly invisible furniture.
This ring of chairs could be the perfect place for a book club gathering, a casual office meeting and so on. The placement of the furniture has purpose and enhances this woodland setting without blocking or taking away from the view. Because the furniture is lightweight and barely there, the space can accomodate a lot of people yet feels fairly open.

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