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What you should know before coming a pool owner.

An in-floor pool is the final word in yard upgrades. In the event you’ve
always wanted one, now could be the time. Costs have fallen throughout
the recession by up to 30 percent. Nonetheless, it remains an enormous
investment, so it’s vital to make good decisions with regard to
measurement, shape, web site selection, and type.

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Fall Swimming

Simply because the kids are again in school and schedules have modified
(and gotten much more hectic), this does not imply it is the end of the
swimming season. Regardless that Labor Day may mark the tip of summer
season, there are still going to be many alternatives to your swimming
pool to be a refreshing aid on these scorching fall days.

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Swimming pool-How it works?

­Conceptually, swimming swimming pools are fairly easy — they’re simply
large basins of water. But on a scorching summer time day, a swimming
pool can look like the best invention known to man. And because it
seems, there actually is numerous cool know-how at work in your common
pool — rather more than you would possibly expect.

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Safety Tips When Swimming

•When swimming, keep kids 6 years and youthful inside arm’s length of an
adult. This way, the kid should all the time have someone looking for

•Simply because a toddler is aware of tips on how to swim doesn’t imply
they’re free from drowning. Accidents happen so all the time watch your


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Chlorine smells?

The smell of chlorine around a pool is usually accompanied by irritation to the eyes, nose, lungs and skin of the swimmers. The pool smell is not due to chlorine but to chloramines, chemical compounds that build up in pool water when there is not enough free chlorine.

Chloramines are the result of two ingredients:
•chlorine and
•sweat, oils or urine that are brought into the pool by the swimmers.

Chlorine disinfectants are added to pool water to destroy germs that can cause illness. Sweat, oils and urine are unwanted additions to pool water. Showering before swimming can help minimize the formation of chloramines and the smelly pool.

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Pool Games

As a child, I remember my favorite water game being “Chicken Fight”. The
smaller kids would climb onto the back or shoulders of the larger kids and
commence to try and knock the others down. This was accomplished by pushing,
pulling and whatever other means you could come up with to be the “last one
standing”. As an adult, I do not recommend this game. Why? I frequently ask
myself and the answer is always the same somebody is going to get hurt whether
it is a scratch or a bruise and we all know what comes next, the whining and or
crying. It’s kind of funny that I don’t remember this happening when I was a
kid, but I’m sure my parents, aunts and uncles would disagree. Well as an adult
I try to avoid these instances at all costs because don’t we want to enjoy the
pool time also!

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Pool opening

With the unseasonably warm weather this week, perhaps it time to start thinking about routine Spring maintenance. It never hurts to start early so those inevitable surprises cannot delay planned pool opening.

My initial checks include:

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Pool Water Testing: Why, What & How

I hear it all the time.

“My Pool Is Cloudy. Why?”
“My Pool is Green. Why?”
“My eyes are red, my skin is itchy and my hair is dry. Why?!?”

Why test your pool water?If it’s not a pump or filter issue, it almost always comes down to water chemistry and the easiest way to prevent these problems is by routinely testing your pool water.

Every pool has a “chemical personality”, or unique trends in water balance that you will begin to notice. By having a schedule and recording your water levels you will actually be able to see how your pool’s chemistry fluctuates.

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How to Caulk your pool’s expansion joint

Now that the pool is open, and the water if finally clear, it’s time to take a look at some maintenance tasks for 2012.

I used to say think that caulking the expansion joint was something that only snowbelt pool owners had to worry about, but with freezing temps occuring more regularly in the south these days…it should be on the mind of concrete pool owners everywhere.
Who Needs to Caulk?

If you have an inground gunite swimming pool with coping stones, whether they be brick, flagstone or pre-cast stones, you will have an expansion joint behind the coping stones, to allow for expansion of the pool deck when the weather gets hot. If you have a cantilever pool deck, where the pool deck extends over the pool wall, monolithically, there is no need to caulk – and no need to read further. Likewise, vinyl liner pools usually do not have an expansion joint, although some do.

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Summer Pool Party Games for Adults

Getting your guests in the water can sometimes be a challenge. Easy enough for kids – but how do you get adults into the pool?

The first step is prep. Prepare your guests by telling them to bring or wear their swimsuit to the pool party. Have a “Get Wet Pool Party”.

Next step in prep is to have many towels on hand, and places for guests to dry off when they get out of the pool. A changing cabana is a nice touch, or another comfortable location where your guests can change out of their suits after their swim will make the experience more enjoyable for adult pool party swimmers.

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