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10 Ways To Make Your Home Special and Unique

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Fun swimming pool games!

[kids pool games] 1. Marco Polo

Almost everyone who has ever been in a swimming pool knows what the game Marco Polo is. It is like a combination of tag and hide and seek, but one person keeps their eyes closed. The person who keeps their eyes closed will say “Marco,” and the other people in the pool will say “Polo.” The goal for the person with closed eyes is to find the other people in the pool based only on their voice.

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Do a safety scan!

[pool net] Now that you’ve got your swimming pool opened, water restored to a blue hue, pump and filter doing their job on schedule…it’s time to take a look at safety. Whenever opening a pool, it’s a good idea to give a Safety Scan. This is not one of those trademarked terms, btw, just a phrase I use to describe looking at the entire pool area and adjoining areas, for possible, maybe probable, Safety Issues. There is a term that is trademarked, I think – called “Layers of Protection”. It would be helpful to the discussion of a Pool Safety Scan if I start b

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Should I build a Pool?

Owning an in ground swimming pool can provide many benefits for you and your family. When compared to owning an above ground swimming pool the in ground version is much easier to maintain and own. In addition, an in ground swimming pool from your Woodlands Pool Builder ” Pools-by-Design” will accommodate hours of fun each week for you and your family. If you are considering an in ground swimming pool for your house or property, acknowledge the following benefits you can expect.

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Pool Water Testing: Why, What & How

I hear it all the time.

“My Pool Is Cloudy. Why?”
“My Pool is Green. Why?”
“My eyes are red, my skin is itchy and my hair is dry. Why?!?”

Why test your pool water?If it’s not a pump or filter issue, it almost always comes down to water chemistry and the easiest way to prevent these problems is by routinely testing your pool water.

Every pool has a “chemical personality”, or unique trends in water balance that you will begin to notice. By having a schedule and recording your water levels you will actually be able to see how your pool’s chemistry fluctuates.

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Swimming pool accessories

Without accessories such as slides and ladder, we feel that something is missing in our pool. That’s why we always find ways to be able to obtain these items. This trick also adds ensure safety, but gives us more pleasure when swimming.

We try to balance costs and quality that we strive for perfect pool ladder and push for our own pool. We also consider how you can get them – either through online transactions or receive information from our local suppliers.

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Tips to Save Money on Your Next Pool Party

Summer is here, so it is about time to start thinking about throwing a pool party. But if money is a little tight, a pool party can really stretch your budget. Luckily, there are some good tips to save money on pool party expenses; saving on food, activities, and decorations. You don’t have to go all out to provide some fun times for your guests. Crank up the music, let’s get this party started!

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Hot Tubs in the Summer

You might think its crazy to get in a hot tub in the summer, after all, its already 95 degrees outside, why would you want to get in the hot tub? Even at resorts in places like Hawaii and the Caribbean there are hot tubs everywhere. And no matter how hot it is you will usually find someone in them! Hot tubs are just so

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How Swimming Pools Work

Conceptually, swimming pools are pretty simple — they’re just big basins of water. But on a hot summer day, a swimming pool can seem like the greatest invention known to man. And as it turns out, there really is a lot of cool technology at work in your average pool — much more than you might expect.

In this article, we’ll find out how pools are built, and we’ll take a look at the plumbing system that keeps the water clean and chemically balanced.

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Why Install Pool Alarms?

Swimming pool alarms are an essential part of ensuring the health and safety of those you love. We all hope that you never experience an accident in or around the pool area, but if such an accident were to occur the presence of pool accessories designed to alert you, commonly known as pool alarms, will help you to avoid disaster. Pool safety should be a prime concern of every pool owner. Thankfully the industry has responded to this need by

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