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Genius Entertainment! Shadow Puppet Theater in The Woodlands Captures Children’s Hearts While Teaching How to Cope with Bullying!

Shadow Puppet Theater Presents:  Llama Llama and the Bully Goat   By: Anna Dewdney Bring your kiddos out to enjoy this sweet story about beloved Llama Llama!  This production gently addresses the issue of bullying and teasing among children. …and most importantly, how to deal with it! Bullying doesn’t just happen in schools.  It’s everywhere and all of the time!  Let’s honor “The Golden Rule” and make a positive difference in our community. The Woodlands Children’s Museum July 20, 2017 @11AM 4775 West Panther Creek Drive #280 The Woodlands, TX 77381   Woodlands Tx Real Estate News shared with you by […]

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What Makes the Woodlands Pool Contractors Great?

Admit it: you have heard at least one horror story from a friend about people who have gone through horrible experiences during swimming pool installation. Maybe the contractors didn’t show on time or the work ended up being too expensive or the quality was poor – the stories have no end. While some of them might be true, most of them are probably just tall tales. If you want to create your very own backyard paradise in your home in the Woodlands, you can stay away from such horrors by learning what to look for in the Woodlands pool contractors […]

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Swimming Pools

A swimming pool, swimming bath, wading pool, or paddling pool is a container that is filled with water to enable swimming or other leisure activities. Pools can be sunk into the ground or built above ground, and are also a standard feature aboard ocean liners and cruise ships. In-ground pools are most commonly constructed from materials such as concrete, natural stone, metal, plastic or fiberglass, and can be of a custom size and shape or built to a standardized size, the largest of which is the Olympic-size swimming pool. There are different types of pool but this are the basic […]

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Why Should I Fence in My Pool?

Don’t think just because you don’t have children you can forego a safety fence. If neighborhood kids find their way into your pool area, even if you warned them to stay out, in some areas on the basis of negligence you could be held responsible for any injuries that occur.

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Swimming Lessons: Stop the Crying!

 Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor—we’ve seen it all Sometimes it takes all that you have to keep it together when your child is throwing a fit about going to swimming lessons. This behavior is normal. For some kids, the water can be a big and frightening place. It’s a completely new sensory experience. Top that off with the fact that some kids go through separation anxiety when leaving their parents, and it’s easy to see why the water can sometimes be an overwhelming and foreign world. It’s important to remember, though, that each child develops water confidence and comfort […]

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What to Consider Before Rushing into Acquiring a Pool

 The amount of relaxation and recreation achieved by having such an extension to your home will always outweigh the costs. Even if they sound a bit luxurious and probably unaffordable, Swimming pools are the ultimate insertion in a backyard design. The first question you should ask yourself is why do you want a swimming pool? Before talking about where a pool should be fitted or how it should look like, you should always consider its functionality. Will you use it for exercising or relaxing? Will you have enough space left for other activities or just for the pool? Will you use […]

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Building a Spa on your Deck

Hot tubs and spas come in an array of shapes and sizes, and can be equipped with scores of accessories. Choosing the right spa depends on its intended use, how big your deck is, and what structural alterations will be required for your deck. You’ll also need to know the cost of installation, Before long, fiberglass versions with circulating jets appeared called “spas.” Today the terms “hot tub” and “spa” are used interchangeably, but because most units are jetted, spa is the term more commonly used. Spas range in size from two-person models costing about $2,000, to 20-foot-long swim spas […]

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3 must-do’s to get the right Woodlands pool builder.

3 must-do’s to get the right Woodlands pool builder.

With all the horror stories going around about pool builders and poor quality pools, I felt it may be helpful to give some tips on what to look for. This has really been weighing on both my self and Roy Burden. (owner of Pools by Design)

There are good, trustworthy pool builders in The Woodlands. How to find them…

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Pool Party!

Pool Party!

Organizing a Pool Party can be one of the most interesting things that you have done by far. Calling out for a pool party means that you are going to have a lot of fun. But since you are going to be the host of the party, there are definitely a lot of arrangements that you need to undertake.

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10 Tips to Keep a Sparkling Clean Pool !!!

Cloudy water?
There are several things that you can easily do to discover why your pool has cloudy water

Check to make sure the pH levels are in proper range
Check the pool filter. Clean or replace if needed.
Check the pool sanitizer’s level. If it’s low, raise the level.
Call your Woodlands Pool Builder for additional help for chlorine stabilization, alkalinity, calcium hardness and heavy metals.
Test frequently
Depending on your usage, you should test the water frequently. Some users test the pH and chlorine every other day – others test once a week. During heavy usage and summer months, you can perform a daily test. And anytime you notice a change in water quality, get your test kit out and check the water quality.

When to clean, when to replace
Periodic backwashing will remove most dirt from a clean filter; however, over a period of time, grease, oils and scale can attack and build up on the elements. When this occurs, you should clean or replace your filter depending on the type of filter. NOTE: Check the filter if water is murky or water quality decreases.

Water clarifiers
A clarifier is designed to aid efficient filter operation by coagulating most materials that cause cloudy and hazy water. Because the presence of these materials increases the disinfectant demand, the use of a water clarifier can decrease pool maintenance costs.

Why filtration is important
Filtration is the mechanical way to remove visible matter from the water. The filter medium is designed to remove hair, dirt, tiny skin flakes, metal or calcium precipitates and other visible debris that would otherwise cause the water to be hazy and cloudy.

What does “Vacuum to Waste” mean?
When you “Vacuum to Waste” you are pumping the debris you vacuum out of the pool and sending the water to the waste line, and not through the pool filter. This method removes a large amount of water from the pool in a short time, so be sure the pool is full before you begin. Vacuum to waste is used for large amounts of debris and dirt.

The proper way to get rid of algae
First, you must add the algaecide according to the directions. If you don’t add the correct dosage amount, it won’t kill any of the algae. Also know that using the entire bottle of algaecide is ineffective. Not only will you spend additional money, large doses can lead to staining and foaming in your pool.

In addition to properly dosing your water, it is also recommended that the algaecide be added in the morning on a bright, sunny day for best results. Algae grow in the presence of sunlight. Adding algaecide during algae’s best growth time will increase intake of the algaecide and make it more effective. If black algae is present, brushing the algae at least once daily will also help expedite algae removal. Brushing the dead cells away makes the living algae more vulnerable to the algaecide.

Shock Treatment
Pool water composition always includes some undesirable elements that actually contaminate the water and reduce the efficiency of the disinfectant or sanitizer. Materials such as hair spray, suntan oil, cosmetics, perspiration and other organic material react to combine with the chlorine in the water to form “combined chlorine.”

Once “combined chlorine” forms, it acts as a very poor disinfectant, contributing to eye and skin irritations and the forming of unpleasant chlorine odor. Pools with this problem are often inaccurately accused of having too much chlorine.

Routine shock treatment is necessary to destroy combined chlorine compounds and restore the chlorine sanitizer to “free chlorine” efficiency. A pool can be shock treated by adding large doses of chlorine, commonly referred to as superchlorination, or by adding a non-chlorine shock such as GLB OXY-BRITE or Applied Biochemists SHOCKTRINE.

Knock out the chlorine smell
Most pools contain both good chlorine and bad chlorine. The good chlorine is called free chlorine and is capable of killing germs. Bad chlorine, on the other hand, is called “combined chlorine” and is a poor germ killer.

Too much combined chlorine in your pool causes the strong chlorine odor. When the combined chlorine level reaches 0.2 ppm or more, it is time to shock your water. Shocking will eliminate the odor.

How long before I can jump in?
With the exception of superchlorinating (which requires waiting until the chlorine level drops to recommended levels), you generally can use your pool when the chemical is dispersed. Fifteen minutes to one hour should be about right.

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