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Diving Boards gone Extinct

pool 10 or 15 years ago find that roughly 90% of all in ground swimming pools had a  diving board. But today, the trend has done an almost complete 180 degree turn.

 Why diving boards have now essentially gone the way practically become extinct.

 For obvious reasons, diving boards have led to many accidents in the past. In  general, people do not own a swimming pool to add more stress to their life. In fact,  most are just looking for a tranquil place to relax and have fun.

 The diving boards of today are just not what they used to be’. This is due to their  rigidity and stiffness. 15 years ago, diving boards had major spring, but today, mainly because manufacturers are scared of lawsuits; it’s tough to find a diving board that has very much spring at all. And because these boards are so rigid, they lose their novelty rather quickly, causing pool owners to regret having installed them in the first place.

In order to do a diving pool the right way, it really needs to be at least 38′-39′ long. This is because the slope in the middle of the pool needs to be far enough away from the board itself so as to prevent the possibility of someone diving into this part of the pool and experiencing injury. The fact that the pool needs to be so long doesn’t lend itself to the general desires of many swimming pool owners This is especially applicable to subdivisions where backyards often times simply don’t accommodate such large sizes.

When choosing swimming pool equipment, the first rule is always safety first.

Whether you are adding a diving board to an existing pool or building a new pool and board together, check with local codes to be sure you meet specifications for pool depth and envelope size. Contractors have sometimes added a diving board according to a manufacturer’s specifications and then found that the building inspector refused to approve the installation because local codes had slightly different requirements. Also, check with your homeowner’s insurance company to see what a diving board would do to your rates.

If you have an old board that is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be able to replace it and re-use the same stand. But check your local codes first to be sure that is permitted

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