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Exceptional Landscaping Advice for Your Pool Area

Pool landscaping design requires integrating a variety of elements—plantings, fences and walls, decking and pavement, structures, and lighting—around the pool and decking.

Although it may take careful planning, once you get your pool area designed the way you want it, you’ll never have to leave your home for an exotic vacation anytime you want.


The ideal pool landscape design will flow with the architecture of your home and the rest of your landscape. When you first start collecting ideas for what you want your pool-side landscape to look like, take note of the patterns of straight lines and curves in your house and any nearby garden structures. Continuity of color and texture also helps. Keep in mind the colors of the house and its surroundings. It usually looks better and makes designing easier if you choose one color scheme and stick to it, rather than dabbing a little color here and a little there and ending up with a something that looks like an Art Deco experiment gone wrong.


Plantings soften the lines of swimming pool equipment, provide privacy, and help the pool area blend in with the rest of your home’s landscape. For easy-maintenance, broad-leafed evergreens and ornamental grasses are among the best choices.


Plant trees on the south side of the pool for added shade and a feeling of lush coolness that no plastic umbrella can match. Just remember to avoid shading the whole pool area so you’ll still have a place to sun yourself on cloudy days.

Unique pool landscaping ideas

Fountains and waterfalls add a sense of luxury to your pool. If you keep fish in your garden, make sure the pond is far enough from the pool to ensure that chlorinated water won’t splash into the pond and kill the fish. You might also add a pool slide or construct a bridge over the pool. Just remember that strong hand-railing and traction surface is essential as even a short fall can cause  a serious insury.

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