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Find Your Perfect Pool Shape


Creating a balanced shape is the crucial first step in designing a pool that fits your home’s taste and enhances your backyard. Spacing elements, shape, scale and style are often used to complement what already exists in your landscape.
If you want to know why finding the right shape for your pool is so important, ask yourself this question: “How often will I use my pool?” You may not know the answer at this moment, but most of my clients respond the same way after a season of pool ownership: almost every single day.

Whether you simply glance at it while walking through the house, enjoy evening barbecues poolside with your family, or spend an afternoon swimming in the sun, the shape of your pool should create an area for you, your family and your friends to congregate with ease.

Geometric shapes are commonly referred to as traditional, but also are classified as modern or contemporary based on their rectilinear or sharp, clean lines.

This pool mirrors the sleek lines of the home’s contemporary architecture, as do several adjoining water features in complementary shapes and designs.

A radius at each end of this pool softens its linear look and fits the home’s style.

Tip: Keep in mind that soft curves in the pool’s rectilinear shape can also be used for underwater seating, attached spas or step entries.

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