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Pool Maintenance Costs


Must Haves

A large capacity modular media filter

The bigger the better, install filters that need cleaning maybe once per year. These commercial grade 700 sq. ft. filters filter from the top down, another very important feature. Note: Don’t install this type of filter if you have dogs using the pool.


Use this for chlorine tablets rather than a floating sanitation dispenser

A simple ozone system

to cut down on chlorine demand; this will easily save you a couple hundred dollars a year.

A multi-speed pool pump.

Install either a 2-speed or a variable speed pump, with the latter being the best choice now. Variable speed pumps will save you hundreds of dollars annually for many years.

An automatic pool cover.

This will save water, energy and therefore, a lot of money. It will also allow you to enjoy the pool nearly all year long.

A swimming pool interior

that can handle some abuse and be forgiving when you make a mistake, because that WILL happen. Consider an aggregate interior finish like Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen or Pebble Fina. At the very least, consider an enhanced plaster finish such as Ultra-Poz. If not, it may only be a few years before the interior will need to be re-finished and that is not cheap.

An in-floor cleaning and circulation system

don’t have a pool built without a quality cleaning and circulation system. This is the heart of the pool and over the years an in-floor cleaning and circulation system will more than pay for itself compared to hose cleaner repair and maintenance, chemical costs and more, not to mention the hassle of taking it in and out of the pool.

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