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Patios and Decks for Your Pool Area

Patios and decks

Quality paving and decking assures swimmers a safe, slip-resistant surface that’s easy on bare feet. If you prefer to use a brick patio, make sure the bricks you choose have somewhat rough surfaces, so they don’t create a slipping hazard. This will mean you’ll have to clean moss off patios periodically, but it will provide better traction for walking. Keep in mind not only the initial cost of the paving material, but also the material’s durability in your climate and the safety of the material. Pick something that won’t be too slippery when wet and is easy to maintain. If your house is made of red brick, for instance, consider using limestone or bluestone. If you opt for less expensive pavers, choose colors that complement your house, instead of trying to find a color that matches your house exactly, which is almost guaranteed to be a frustrating, if not impossible, task.

  • Concrete is the least expensive paving material and can be tinted and stamped or brushed into different textures and designs. A drawback is that stamped concrete tends to become slippery when wet.
  • Pavers, which cost about two to three times more than plain concrete, allow for different patterns and colors and are a creative tool to attractive landscaping. Since they move, rather than crack, with the ground’s movements, pavers are a good choice for climates with temperature extremes.
  • Exposed aggregate stones are attractive, but they’re hard on bare feet and cost about one to two times more than concrete. Stones such as limestone or bluestone, despite their good looks, are not only the most expensive paving material; they can also get uncomfortably hot in the sun.
  • Wood, when exposed to water, can splinter and warp over time and, if untreated, it’s vulnerable to insects.
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