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Should I build a Pool?

Owning an in ground swimming pool can provide many benefits for you and your family. When compared to owning an above ground swimming pool the in ground version is much easier to maintain and own. In addition, an in ground swimming pool ¬†from your Woodlands Pool Builder ” Pools-by-Design” will accommodate hours of fun each week for you and your family. If you are considering an in ground swimming pool for your house or property, acknowledge the following benefits you can expect.

Health Benefits

Swimming is one of the most excellent exercises you can do. It provides a full body workout which can help to keep you healthy and feeling good. Swimming can also provide relief for those with arthritis, joint disorders, or back problems. Science has shown that immersing body in water is one of the best ways to find relief from stress on joints and your spine. The water removes the pressure of gravity that occurs naturally on the body. Heated in ground swimming pools can provide an avenue for exercising and relaxing your body year around. For those who hate exercising during the cold months an in ground pool can be very beneficial. This can be especially true if you install your swimming pool under a structure or in a room of your home.

Cost Benefits

When compared to an above ground pool, an in ground pool is more cost effective over the long run. An above ground pool will require more maintenance including the replacement of liners. However, if you have a tile or concrete in ground pool installed you can easily maintain the poll for 20-50 years without replacing a lot of parts or components. While the in ground pool will be a larger expense initially over the years the savings can add up. In addition in ground swimming pools are much more durable and sturdy than above ground styles. An in ground pool will last decades longer than a flimsy metal above ground pool structure. You may end up replacing your above ground pool so many times that you could have simply paid for the installation of several in ground pools!

Property Value Increase

In addition to being enjoyable and fun for your family, in ground swimming pools will increase the property value of your home. If you are thinking about selling your home some time in the future, an in ground swimming pool will add thousands to the sale price of your home. In some cases it is possible to increase your sale price above and beyond the installation cost. You may end up making thousands more at sale than you even paid for having the pool installed. In addition, homes with in ground swimming pools in The Woodlands often sell much faster than those without one.

In addition to increasing your property value, an in ground pool will provide a way for you and your family to spend time together without spending money on going out. As we all know, entertainment in The Woodlands can be very expensive. You can enjoy time together hosting pool parties, family fun nights, or a romantic swim with your lover. The many fond memories you will share can outweigh the cost of any installation costs or maintenance hassles. After all, swimming is a fun and relaxing past time for all families to enjoy together.

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