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Swimming pool construction

What should you know about during the swimming pool construction process?

First of all, the contract for your swimming pool construction should call for the work to be performed in accordance with all applicable building codes

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Patios and Decks for Your Pool Area

Quality paving and decking assures swimmers a safe, slip-resistant surface that’s easy on bare feet.

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Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Like toddlers, some dogs are fond of chewing on whatever’s handy. Unfortunately, eating the wrong plant can have consequences ranging from the unpleasant to the fatal.

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Having a Hard Time Keeping Your Pool Clean

Ack! I’ve got a picnic this weekend and my pool’s cloudy, what do I do??? The better question might be what DIDN”T I do?? Keeping your pool clean and clear is all a matter of balance. Just enough sanitizer, enough water movement, the right pH and temperature, and regular brushing and vacuuming, it seems so complicated! Well, relax, if I can keep my pool clean so can you! Since most of you have already opened your pool this summer, let’s consider what factors help keep your pool clean and sparkly. We’ll cover how to open and close your pool in […]

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