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Pools by design in The Woodlands

The first thing you need to look at when choosing Pools by Design in the Woodlands is space. After all, your pool should be designed to fit in your yard because it should look like it’s a part of your property. When creating a pool, make sure that it is very pleasing to the eye and that it looks like it flows naturally with the surroundings. If your pool is appealing, then it will, in turn, be a lot more relaxing. Therefore, giving a lot of thought to your pool area is absolutely necessary to ensure lots of fun and excitement for you, as well as your friends and family.

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Having a hard time keeping your pool clean?

Ack! I’ve got a picnic this weekend and my pool’s cloudy, what do I do??? The better question might be what DIDN”T I do??
Keeping your pool clean and clear is all a matter of balance. Just enough sanitizer, enough water movement, the right pH and temperature, and regular brushing and vacuuming, it seems so complicated!

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Pool and Backyard furniture!

[pool furniture] When you think of furniture, you think of living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms. Very rarely do you associate furniture with swimming pools. But pool furniture is not only fashionable it’s practical, too. When you entertain guests, including family and friends, in your backyard and pool area, you want to have places for everyone to sit and relax. That’s where pool furniture comes in.

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Learn how to take away that calcium stain

Learn how to take away that heave calcium stain on tile and rocks:

1 Drain the pool to only below the tile line; most swimming pools only
have ornamental tiling on the coping, outer edge or round 12 inches or
so past the highest of the pool edge. If in case you have a

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What you should know before coming a pool owner.

An in-floor pool is the final word in yard upgrades. In the event you’ve
always wanted one, now could be the time. Costs have fallen throughout
the recession by up to 30 percent. Nonetheless, it remains an enormous
investment, so it’s vital to make good decisions with regard to
measurement, shape, web site selection, and type.

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Swimming pool water Chemistry

Understanding pool water chemistry is an essential part of maintaining your swimming pool. You should be familiar with how different factors like chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid affect your water, pool structure and equipment.

Below is a table of recommended chemistry levels divided by pool type. Save or print this table and keep it with your water testing and pool supplies for an easy reference. Click the table for a saveable or printable view.

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Swimming pool construction

To start with, the contract for your swimming pool building ought to
name for the work to be carried out in accordance with all
applicable building codes. As a general rule, a constructing allow is
required whenever structural work is concerned or when the fundamental
living area of a house can be changed. Swimming pool development falls
into these categories. The contractor should acquire the mandatory
constructing permits, and this arrangement must be spelled out in your
contract. In any other case, you may be held legally liable for
failure to acquire the required permits.

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Winterizing your pool.

Balance the water chemistry:

Approximately 3 – 7
days prior to closing the pool, adjust your water balance within the ranges
•pH: 7.2 – 7.6
•Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm
•Calcium Hardness: 180 – 220 ppm

Then, shock the pool
with a Chlorine Shock or a Non-Chlorine Shock, at least 1lb per 10,000 gallons (follow
package directions). Allow the chlorine level to return to 1.0 – 3.0 ppm before
adding any winter algaecide and your pool cover. Chlorine tends to break down
both algaecides and [floating] pool covers.

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Pool opening

With the unseasonably warm weather this week, perhaps it time to start thinking about routine Spring maintenance. It never hurts to start early so those inevitable surprises cannot delay planned pool opening.

My initial checks include:

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Hot Tubs in the Summer

You might think its crazy to get in a hot tub in the summer, after all, its already 95 degrees outside, why would you want to get in the hot tub? Even at resorts in places like Hawaii and the Caribbean there are hot tubs everywhere. And no matter how hot it is you will usually find someone in them! Hot tubs are just so soothing and relaxing to the body that even in hot weather people are still inclined to get in them for a little while. But a hot tub doesn’t have to be hot; it can cool you down too, providing a completely different relaxing and soothing sensation!

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