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Listen To Your Customers

In our modern world, there are so many different ways to advertise and market your products or services to consumers. The list gets bigger and bigger by the day. In addition to traditional methods like television, radio and newspaper ads and billboards, now you’ve got options for banner ads on websites and social networking. I could go on for hours. However, there is only one method of marketing that is time-tested and proven to be the most effective — word-of-mouth.

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Pool Water Testing: Why, What & How

I hear it all the time.

“My Pool Is Cloudy. Why?”
“My Pool is Green. Why?”
“My eyes are red, my skin is itchy and my hair is dry. Why?!?”

Why test your pool water?If it’s not a pump or filter issue, it almost always comes down to water chemistry and the easiest way to prevent these problems is by routinely testing your pool water.

Every pool has a “chemical personality”, or unique trends in water balance that you will begin to notice. By having a schedule and recording your water levels you will actually be able to see how your pool’s chemistry fluctuates.

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Why Swimming Pool Heaters?

Swimming pool heaters use natural gas or propane, to create heat which is passed through a heat exchanger into your pool water, making it warm and toasty.

A pool heater can add another month or two onto each end of your pool season, and make swimming more enjoyable. When the water is the right temperature, you’re more likely to use the pool, and isn’t that why you own a pool?

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Swimming pool waterfalls

It can be a great way adding a swimming pool waterfalls to your place because it can add both fun and style to it. You can make your pool look like the luxury pools of hotels and million dollar mansions by adding a waterfall.
You can find a swimming pool waterfalls in lots of different shapes and sizes. You can find very big sizes, crazy ones such as mountains with rocks but you also can find small designs. It is always a good idea to compare prices and features because there are lots of different manufacturers offer swimming pool waterfalls.

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Tips to Save Money on Your Next Pool Party

Summer is here, so it is about time to start thinking about throwing a pool party. But if money is a little tight, a pool party can really stretch your budget. Luckily, there are some good tips to save money on pool party expenses; saving on food, activities, and decorations. You don’t have to go all out to provide some fun times for your guests. Crank up the music, let’s get this party started!

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Tips on Building Swimming Pools

What has been a dormant industry and forced major big names out of business is suddenly making comeback. “Now that banks are beginning to lend again, and families are more comfortable spending money, swimming pools are being built again”, says,

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It’s Easy Being Green

The word “audit” doesn’t exactly conjure pleasant emotions for a small business owner. When it comes to a pool’s energy consumption, though, an energy audit provides a way to show customers how much they could save every month with upgrades like power-conserving lights, a more efficient heater and filter, and a variable-speed pump or motor.

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Do You Need a Spring Pool Builder?

If you want to build a swimming pool in your Spring home’s backyard, then you need to find a good Spring pool builder first. However, with so many different contractors available in the area nowadays, it can be quite hard to find the perfect pool builder for you.

In a nutshell, a Spring pool builder refers to a contractor who specializes in constructing in-ground swimming pools in Spring

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Hot Tubs in the Summer

You might think its crazy to get in a hot tub in the summer, after all, its already 95 degrees outside, why would you want to get in the hot tub? Even at resorts in places like Hawaii and the Caribbean there are hot tubs everywhere. And no matter how hot it is you will usually find someone in them! Hot tubs are just so

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How to Find a Good Pool Builder in Spring

Since swimming pools are big investments, it would be incredibly important for you to hire a trustworthy pool builder in Spring to get yours done. And remember: you won’t be able to get the swimming pool you have always dreamed of if you don’t find a contractor that is accredited and has a good history of work.

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