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Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Woodlands Pool Builder

Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Woodlands Pool Builder 
Has his business undergone any name changes? It is usually a red flag if the business has undergone a name change since there is a possibility of this being because of BBB marks or a bad reputation. Be cautious. 

Is he a bonded and licensed contractor? Although there are some states that don’t really require licensing, it would still be recommended to look for a licensed and bonded Woodlands pool builder. A lot of bad experiences involving pool builders usually occur when homeowners hire unlicensed contractors merely to save some money. 

What kind of insurance is he offering? Insurance is important because you need to ensure that any damages occurred during the installation – either to people or to the property – will be covered. 

Is his company’s warranties in writing? If they’re not, then beware. But if they are, then make sure to obtain a copy and study the exclusions and the coverage. One particular thing you should specifically look at is the coverage known as “Acts of God”, which covers the things beyond your control, such as damage caused by a storm. 

Does he offer any services after completion? This is important because you might have some questions regarding the pool’s maintenance. There may also be times where you might need to have your swimming pool serviced. So, make sure your Woodlands pool builder stands by his service and his service team. 

Who will be responsible for any possible damages to the house or the property of the neighbors? Also, who is going to repair any sprinkler pipes or irrigation broken during the process of construction? Make sure to get this all worked out ahead of time. It would be even better to get it all in writing, if possible. 

Who is going to apply for and obtain the permits? This is also important because obtaining permits can sometimes take a long time. These are just some questions that homeowners need to ask their Woodlands pool builder. Think of anything else you need to know and settle the score before making your decision. Pools by Design your Woodlands Pool Builder is a Member of the Better Business Burau  and we will supply all our customer with list of 100  plus referrals in the greater Woodlands/Spring area ……Good luck!

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